So What Is e2?

February 16, 2017
People are always asking me “what is e2”? It is understandable, there I am bandying this terminology about like everybody ought to know exactly what it is with respect to its literal meaning and in actuality. So, taking the perspective of those outside of my e2 infused bubble I concur. What’s required is not only an explanation as to ...Continue reading “So What Is e2?” archive

The Engine

February 12, 2017
“It’ll never fly”. “Its just not going to happen”. “Go and find some real work”. Where would we be if everyone who on sharing their precious new idea, had this retort thrown at them, followed the ‘advice’ and did as suggested? Answer: Right where we are now. The framing and presentation of facts about the ...Continue reading “The Engine” archive

The Imagineer

February 07, 2017
“He’s well adjusted” they would say, the assumption being they were out of earshot or beyond comprehension. The tone suggestive of either mild surprise or quietly complimentary. Always about, but never to. As time’s gone by Ive often revisited that phrase and though I grasp the literal meaning have often wondered as to the context ...Continue reading “The Imagineer” archive