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e2 Principles – 8

As a creator you may fall into the category of someone who is blessed with abundant creative energy and is able to access the intuitive flow states with ease. However as is very often the case with those who consider themselves creative by trait or at the very least by vocation, you may find it a constant struggle to bring forth the new in unique and distinct forms of expression.

If on reflection you find yourself more akin to the latter, you may be best advised to concentrate your energy into a single creative endeavour, which while not in itself serving to make the task any easier at the outset at least alleviates the toil of the continual search for pure inspiration.

Better to create something than nothing at all. Moreover the intensity of such focus is more likely to result in something of note than were the creative capacity to be utilised in a more diffuse manner.

What oft arises in instances where the requisite effort and specialist know how has been expended to create something of note, is the dearth of the complimentary skills or general energetic bandwidth necessary to enable the progression of the project towards its most fruitful culmination.

It is at this juncture that the majority of projects for what were intended to be market facing products or services (this ranges from bands to books thru internet technology applications) get shelved or wither on the vine, either through the lack of motivation, ignorance or fear, and very often a combination of all three on the part of the creator/s.

The chief characteristics of self sustaining entities, ranging from planet earth, its great rainforests through to the human body itself, by not just the diversity of their elements but how these diverse aspects draw in resources, then self organise around principles of symbiosis, hyper integration and efficiency to achieve maximum benefit at minimal loss.

Im calling upon those of you who have committed to driving the changes you wish to see within your region, community, neighbourhood’s enterprise ecosystem to set yourself a challenge whereby you agree upon and set out a project with one or more specified socio-economic development objectives. In so doing you are to bring together whichever mixed disciplinary package required. Thereafter the objective is to see how many ways in which the various elements of the project can intersect with each other to produce additional working, functional outputs of relevance.