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“Sometimes you’ve got to create what you want to be part of”


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e2 Podcasts represent a revolution in community centric media. The e2 Podcast is a trademark for a media brand and service that forms a network of franchisee owned and operated audio podcast enterprises, with one franchise present within each of the UK’s 83 counties, and equivalent counties and regional jurisdictions around the globe.

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The e2Podcast is an interface for deep community engagement, the dynamic interaction that takes place serving as the content for the shows. Providing a channel to the heart of local communities and an outlet for expression by the people who reside in them will deliver a positive impact on the people, enterprises, creative arts, artisans and development of the culture in the communities it serves.
07_Public__Guest_Question_Promo_Panel (2)When listeners ask questions to an e2 Podcast guest they receive promotion for themselves, business and their favourite social causes. What question would you most like to ask and have answered concerning any subject of interest to you? Click here to submit your question and have it answered on the e2Podcast when it goes live in your county. You can also submit the names of the guest/s from your county or elsewhere you’d most like to be invited to appear on your local e2Podcast.


Want to gain promotion and sign ups for you, your book, band or business or a social cause or local issue you care about? You can as a guest on the e2 Podcast where you can answer questions on the topics around which you specialise that are submitted by members of the public. You and the things you wish to promote will be featured on the e2Podcast and its promotional content online. Click here to register as a guest.

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e2Podcast franchisees are the regional affiliates of e2 Advisory a role that in accordance with the e2Podcast Franchise  Terms and Conditions entitles them to commissions from thes sale of e2 products and services. If you are interested in applying to operate one of the e2Podcast franchises you can click here or read on to the end of this article where the specifics of how to apply are detailed.

woodbridge thoroughfare for blog

A few years back I moved from London to a small market town with a long history, in the East of England. Quaint, though not just in an ornamental way. It has an active Thoroughfare with a good number of independent shops, along with a significant amount operated by charities, three operating boatyards, a marina and a series of moorings. The town sees a regular flow through of tourists and visitors throughout the year peaking in the Spring and Summer months. Its chief differentiator and visitor attraction being its location on a river estuary and a working tide mill. On the other side of the river is a major tourist attraction run by The National Trust.

tide mill woodbridge

Coming from the capital I was struck by how quiet it became after the shops closed on the Thoroughfare around 4.30 – 5pm, all the more noticeable as the apartment I lived in overlooked it. There was none of the  early to mid evening alfresco lifestyle elements, with the hum and buzz one is used to in the city neighbourhoods.

You can take the boy out of the city but you cant take the city out of the boy. I had a burning desire to know where I was and what was going on. A casual perambulation of the immediate vicinity allows you to discover a fare bit where cards left on the noticeboards in supermarkets and cafe’s give an indication of what local people are trying to sell, hire, start up or close down. What I was really keen to discover was the pulse, rythms and drivers of the town, its neighbouring villages and the county as a whole.

Woodbridge FlyerA minute away from my front door was the local library, there I was able to leaf through the local publications focused on promoting the main tourist attractions and cultural highlights.

Tasked with promoting the areas strengths and attractions, all of the print publications and websites tended to feature the same headlining areas of natural beauty, historic monuments, events and locations, month after month. I was also aware of how little attention was paid to the people who lived there.


Situated as I was at the centre point on the compact but busy main drag of the town meant I was privy to observe the people and aspects that provided a true representation of the community in its broadest sense. What became clear was that as with the big city there were indeed several cultures and subcultures running parallel, but scant information about those that were not deemed representative of the mainstream.

As I got to know the towns folk I was struck by how much activity of a cultural nature there was bubbling away below the surface. What was incredibly difficult was to find a coherent source of information about all of this activity and the people at the centre of it.


Inextricably woven into this narrative was the issue of commerce, vocation, the economic reality and survival of the local people and the commercial viability of the region they inhabit. With a vibrant and palpable creative arts sub culture, of those who partook in these activities, a significant number did so harbouring ambitions of parlaying it into a full time occupation, but were ill equipped to do so with neither the connections, technical or fiscal resources to bring their dreams to fruition.

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It struck me that this must be a reflection of what goes on in every town and village all around the country, where as with the town I lived in not having the critical mass of culturally disruptive elements found in the capital’s creative districts, remain in the thrall of traditional mainstream media and cultural gatekeepers.

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There is also an economic cost as well as a cultural one where as in the wider region and the town where I lived there is an inclination towards preservation of things and customs for their own sake (all the more where they are proven attractions), with a tangible, non revisionist, anti iterative, backward looking sentiment which leads to cultural stagnation and gradual ossification, a factor which leaves many of those growing up in this era experiencing socio-cultural disconnect, isolated from large parts of the world around them.

My entrepreneurial instinct ever active I spotted a pain point. In short measure I set about devising a means by which to address the most prescient of the needs I’d identified among the creative, artistic and artisan fraternity. What emerged from my explorations, observations and overall discovery process was a way to provide in depth coverage of these people and their activities.

The chosen method conveniently intersects with e2’s social mission. In this respect, it constitutes the first component of The Enterprise Engine. It’s strategic function being dual: (a) a medium via which to convey the e2 message (b) a multifaceted social impact tool by which to practically facilitate the empowerment of the individual in accordance with the e2 mission.

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My chosen methodology was media broadcasting. In the first iteration it was to be video, which may in the medium term be revisited as an additional component of the overall e2Podcast media package. However what I had noticed was just as impactful and far more flexible a medium was audio podcasting. The flexibility podcasting affords is two pronged. Firstly it requires far less complex or costly technical inventory, which can be moved around at no great expense or logistical difficulty, secondly it affords the listener great optionality in how they choose to consume it. Many podcasters listen in while driving on the daily commute or while on the Stairmaster at the gym. I listen to my favourites while sketching visuals for use in our media content or chopping the ingredients that make up my dietary staples.

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Like any other entity seeking an existence in the artistic, media or general enterprise landscape a (commercial) podcasting platform must have a means by which to sustain itself. It was at this juncture that I began to immerse myself in the process of researching the method and prospective customer requirements and iteratively developing the e2Podcast (business model and operations) blueprint, a process which entailed a great deal of observation of not only existing podcasts and how they reach,serve and engage their audiences, but other forms of media and what they were actually achieving by way of sustaining themselves and provision of service. Things became interesting.

Advertising supported media is the only business model Im aware of where the survival of the enterprise (media platform) is predicated wholly on assumption. It is the most widely touted fact that not only is the return on investment (ROI) from traditional media advertising unknown there is no known way to either quantify or qualify consumer behaviour in response to it.

The second oddity is that because it is assumed that a media broadcaster is reaching an assumed (large) number of the population it must be the case that the said platform is (a) serving every segment of the population and (b) is a bonafide way of reaching more customers for any (?) business. Again another fallacy. The sheer number of advertising messages – especially those received in high volume repetitive formats via the individual’s preferred medium – that reach an individual on the average day making it a very costly and imperfect route to achieving the desired ‘mind space’ of the intended customer specific to a particular product or service category.

Tim Ferriss Influencer

Lack of choice and innovation for advertisers and around advertising in general have lead to a point where people do all in their power to avoid big brand or even localised general advertising while consuming their favoured media content.

A noticeable idiosyncrasy in the field of podcasting is the tendency of many of the host to do the voice overs for the products of third party advertisers. What also lends weight to these promotions is where the host claims to be an avid user and or general fan of the products they are advertising providing a layer of validation that those subscribed to the channel are sure to find assuring and as a result of the affinity they feel with the host increases the number of them who follow through and make purchases.

Where above the line advertising does have merit is paradoxically at the point you would assume it is least required; in the instances where there is a known demand based around perceived or actual scarcity of an event or a product’s life cycle.

In these instances the combined effect of repetition and reinforcement of the value point in the message serves to increase the demand such that at its peak it causes the items to achieve maximum pricing and sell out.

e2 Podcast image2Most podcasts consist of dialogue between the host and guest following a tried and tested interview format. The podcast and its guests may be positioned in a specific subject niche or follow a theme which is present within each show e.g Tim Ferriss dissecting the habits and rituals of world class performers. There are some noticeable exceptions to this rule. Where the host is either significant enough a personality to have the leverage to do so, or simply by choice has decided to, the subject matter of each episode may vary.

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Where high production methods are applied, a podcast may contain widely varying elements from the traffic noises of a street scene or the hustle and bustle of a market to walking interviews where the echo from a stairwell imbues the scene with mood and context. Podcasts of this nature contain much of the elements of television shows where it is possible to introduce multiple characters providing hindsight and foresight and unique perspectives conveyed in monologues, dialogues and group conversations. ‘Scenes’ may be interspersed with narration by a show host.

Considering these issues I began devising a model for a podcast which while not overtly espousing our (e2) social mission did through the value factors integral to its format progress that agenda, while simultaneously providing gripping entertainment for the listening audience.

From the outset my approach was to view the podcast as a media enterprise, that would by definition only maintain its existence through its ability to generate sustainable revenues.

The laws that govern thoughts, actions and behaviour in the commercial sphere are pretty much immutable. In strict adherence to them the format for the e2 Podcast came into being. The first step was to apply a clear definition of its value factors ie the problem it solves and the need it meets, with this serving as a reference for everything else pertaining to it.

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e2 Podcast definition: a dedicated people driven, community centric, crowd-sourced information and communication medium for the purpose of enabling discovery and providing an accurate portrayal of the people, issues, enterprises and events at the county level.

The above definition shows clearly the requirement for a trusted source of high quality, grass roots media specialising in by promotion of local creative talent, enterprises and culture enabling discovery of issues of interest and importance achieved through dynamic community interaction and first person perspectives about local people, culture, arts and enterprise by local people told through their unique stories.

The above is a technical description of the solution to a social pain point. You may have noticed an absence of the word ‘news’. The reason being, news is based around current topics. The issues and factors (as highlighted above) at the heart of the e2 Podcast content are what can be described as ‘evergreen’ being relevant at any point in time.

Having identified the issue and developed a solution, the requirement is to increase the product’s appeal by making it a pleasure to engage with. When dealing with matters in the sphere of consumer choice it is essential that certain fundamental factors are present. The factors I prioritise with respect to customer acquisition, service and satisfaction (whether business-B2B or consumers-B2C) are, in order of importance; relevance, convenience, enjoyment, affinity. Strength in any one of these areas may be sufficient but the presence and rightful blend of all four are guarantors of success.

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Being cognisant of these principles they were duly applied in the formatting of the e2 Podcast. The result being a plug in and play operations blueprint for profitable operation of a commercial media enterprise. Conversely, ourselves being a social mission, market facing (revenues driven/profit making) enterprise it is in no small measure a delight to have devised a means by which our social impact objectives can be achieved simultaneous to our financial requirements being met.

e2 podcast logoHaving tuned in to an episode of an e2 Podcast a listener will be treated to a distinct audio experience. What will be immediately obvious is the degree to which the community external to the podcast team drive and shape the content, seeing an interactive interface whereby the podcast platform functions as an aggregator and distributor of the contributors insights and perspectives on the subjects under discussion.

To their delight they will come to realise that they can directly crowd-source information via the platform and likewise contribute to and thereby influence the content of the episodes.

The emphasis on widescale inclusion where the crowd-sourcing principle is integral to the process by which both subjects are raised and debated, not only ensure a higher degree of accuracy towards ascertaining facts but also increases the audience numbers which in turn drives greater relevance and thereby a self generating feedback loop leading to the establishment of the platform as the default source of  local knowledge.

The listener will be in no doubt they are experiencing the cutting edge in grass roots media which due to the investigative precision and granularity of its subject matter, unique content and delivery formats, and superior production quality, make it essential listening.

In its function as a promotional platform the e2 Podcast simultaneously provides a panoramic view and microscopic insight into the topics and subject matter specific to the local county, its residents, and featured guests. In so being it serves as an investigator, educator and community builder, creating a higher degree of awareness while providing clarity internal and external to the regional communities that are its focus.

Where enterprises have the capacity to be transformational in and around the communities they serve, the e2 Podcast format has been designed to afford enterprise as much exposure as possible. This sees adverts and promotions positioned around content in such a way that they embellish it, providing added context to the subject matter of the shows and thereby increasing the relevance of the products and services being advertised.

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The e2 Podcast Franchises
The e2 Podcasts are members of a national network (The e2Podcast Network). Membership of the network as a franchisee is a signifier of the franchisees commitment to positive social impact through operation of their franchise business.

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The e2Podcast Franchise terms state that franchisees are not restricted to use of the e2 Podcast brand/ing in how they choose to name and promote their podcast, being free to apply their own title and branding to it, the only proviso being that in their audio content indicate they are a member of the e2Podcast network.

The e2 Podcast (UK) county franchises are being offered to parties, who may already or intend to operate a new or existing business/es, or having products to promote or sell and or social causes they wish to raise awareness for. Could this be you?

Ambassador_PosterWe are interested in speaking to people who are motivated by owning and running a media franchise business that has scope for significant growth, who welcome the opportunity of being an ambassador for their county.

There is a recruitment and selection process during which the most appropriate applicants are selected. All applicants are required to undergo this process.

Applicants who are accepted are are required to pay franchise fees for training,  preparation and ongoing technical, operations,promotion and business development support. These fees are payable by a number of payment plans, but are to be paid in full prior to the e2Podcast franchise being granted and access to the full operational blueprint being granted.

As a franchisee a fixed percentage of revenues earned through operating the franchise are to be paid to the franchisor (details explained in the Terms And Conditions). These fees cover training, technical support, marketing and business development.

Are interested in operating an e2Podcast as a franchisee, or want to find out more? Register for the free e2Podcast Explanation Webinar

Who from your county would you like to be featured on your county’s e2Podcast? Click here to leave the details.

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