Every Town Has A Beating Heart

e2 Principles Every Town Has A Beating Heart Colour On Blue Visual

e2 Principle – 9

Imagine you’ve been given a blank canvass called your home town, village or street and onto it you can introduce whatever you like. Its yours to do with what you will. Somewhere you can let your imagination run riot, an arena wherein you can fully express yourself. The one proviso is that you must think of ways you can finance your activities.

What would your canvass look like?

Would you work on it alone, or would you invite others to contribute in the things you create?

How would you bring these creations into being?

Where and how often would these things occur?

Would they be permanent or temporary?

Why would they be where they are, for purely ornamental reasons, or perhaps they would be solely functional, perhaps a combination of both?

What would the street furniture look like?

What would you prioritise?

Were you to invite others to assist and participate in your project who would they be and why?

How would you set about informing, inspiring and incentivising them?

To what degree would you give them free reign to express themselves?

Would you encourage them to invite others?

What would your canvass look like on the average day, morning, noon, evening, night?

Can you describe how it would feel?

Where would things be, when and why?

Do you believe others would want to join you in your endeavour to create this idealised place?

What would be the value of the things you would introduce to the community who live in the location of your chosen canvass?

How would you sustain and maintain things?

Would fundraising or commercial activity be elements that you would introduce?

How would you finance your activity, crowd fund them?

What would be the end result?

With respect to this last question here’s a great opportunity to gain some promotion and awareness around you, someone you know, projects or activities that are close to your heart. Post a link on Twitter #beautifulplaceshappyfaces to a visual depiction of the idealised /utopian version of your street, neighbourhood or town.

Once we’ve selected our¬†favourite image/s we’ll promote them on our blog, videos etc and with your permission use them wherever appropriate in the Enterprise Engine content.