Involve The Whole Community

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e2 Principles – 2

Among e2engineers and the e2 community, the term e2 encapsulates this era that is defined by the set of values that characterise our enterprise culture and shape our wider outlook, as well being the name of the enterprise engine.

Core to this outlook is the understanding and appreciation of the primacy of the individual as the foremost representation of value.

In essence we view the individual as performing the same function and being capable of delivering the same degree of value as an entity comprising larger groups of people ie the individual is an enterprise and as such may perform one or both of the roles of investee or investor.

This has lead us to understand how critical and valuable it is to garner investment and support from as wide a section of the community as possible; and that all contributions in whatever form constitute investment.

As we design and build the enterprise engine our focus is on how to ensure the widest cross section of the community have the opportunity to contribute and benefit from the value they provide.

We are working on how with the right protocols and mechanisms it is possible to actively record and measure both the value and return on such investment to individuals, communities and organisations.

Involve The Whole Community is not only a principle it is a fundament of wealth creation under e2 protocols, where every aspect and stage of the product/service/infrastructure development thru sales and delivery process is enhanced by the presence, awareness and contributions made by members of the community whom they are intended to benefit.