People First

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e2 Principles – 1

While brainstorming the e2 principles I was struck by how distorted our view of the world has become as a result of the outlook and influence of the large corporate and vested interest who’s sole aim it would appear is to commoditise every facet of life and reduce it to a monetary unit of value up to and including you and I, who in their world view are not and must not become the biological, intellectual and spiritual wonder beings that we are, but simply ‘consumers’.

The People First principle attests to the belief that as we develop our capacity to work, create and distribute wealth (in all its forms) through collective action, in pursuit of the type of society and world we desire, that it is imperative we prioritise and value people individually and collectively over and above organisational entities, physical infrastructure and the fiscal worth of any possessions whether personally or collectively owned.

With People First as a mantra one is conditioned to remain conscious of the immense capacity, potential and value of our fellow human beings and ultimately ourselves. After all, everything we create, all the marvels and wonders we manifest are a result of our innate qualities applied to whichever sphere of endeavour we direct them to.