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It’ll never fly”. “Its just not going to happen”. “Go and find some real work”. Where would we be if everyone who on sharing their precious new idea, had this retort thrown at them, followed the ‘advice’ and did as suggested? Answer: Right where we are now.

The framing and presentation of facts about the fundamentals of our existence as metaphysical beings, similarly the specifics of our prevailing socio-cultural ‘reality’ and, critically, our place within it, which while clearly riddled with barely veiled falsehoods, purposely constructed anomalies, and other glaring inconsistencies, which the merest investigation reveal as such, nonetheless is so all pervasive that most caught in it’s sprawling net of falsified perception, further warped by an increasing web of distractions, remain totally blind as to their utter entrapment and degree to which they are subject to its conditioning. In this regard we labour within a mesh of near total illusion.

The systems broken” is the common retort uttered among politicians, activists, agitants and other socio political observers. Well the truth is it was always broken. Because ‘the system’ whatever form it took or currently exists in is designed and maintained in adherence to its governing tenet ‘they must not know‘. They being us, you and I. With this decree set as the foundation stone upon which society’s pyramid is built, means that in every sphere it is imperative that the big picture specific to that sphere, and by its binary effects the actual big picture, must not and cannot be allowed to emerge.

The net outcome of this among the populace at large is a default state of culturally sanctioned, socially reinforced stupidity, with mere stupidity being the mildest form of the socio-psychological maladies to result. The problem – from our perspective – with this or in fact any imposed mode of social control is that human beings far from being fundamentally stupid are inherently intelligent. What this means is that people know there is something badly wrong, result: dis – ease. They also know that they don’t know exactly what, how and in which form the veil is being drawn over their eyes, but yet know that it is, result: dissatisfaction; more so with the self and the immediate social group for not being equipped to deal with issue, than ‘them’. And here’s where the most extreme disorders occur; the awareness among the majority that the majority while knowing how wrong things are, in the absence of alternatives, conform and go along with the status quo.

It is at this juncture in the road to awakening that both the intrinsically pernicious nature and ultimate intent of the controlling logic becomes apparent. They want you to know but not know, and simultaneously know that the same state and condition applies to all of those you would if it was deemed necessary call upon and as such rely on as your last line of defence.

Apart from all but the most headstrong and confident, when faced with these facts, the most obvious option is to not try to fight what essentially amounts to an unknown and thus acquiesce to exist in relative what at least appears to be peace, though one replete with false information, fragmented theories, unfinished thesis, incomplete identities, non existent leadership, and the ever present, inescapable truth that we are living a lie.

While the above applies to the mass collective, that said collective is comprised of the multitude of ‘little me’s’. In reality the varying forms and degrees of psychosis described are present, embedded, lying latent in the individual, seeking and finding expression in accordance with the array of external stimulae purposely designed to activate the desired behaviours, along those which on the surface may appear to be undesirable behaviours.

Central to this methodology of human psychological ‘development’ is the principle of fragmentation, the purposeful division and non unification of facts, spheres of knowledge or scientific principles. Seeing a world of specialists learned in a single field, the specifics of which as they are taught, baring no relation to any other area of specialism. Educated idiots operating the levers in a social paradigm the basis of which is and by design can only amount to culturally sanctioned idiocy!

The purpose of this foray into our collective (sorry to have to say) unconscious is to not only highlight our present dilemna, but to understand the root causes of it and also suggest means by which we can make progress towards reversing it.

Man as a biological entity and in his higher non material aspects is designed to in whichever form it takes, to ‘work’, thereby has no choice but to, total inertia of the metaphysical elements of which he is made being a fundamental impossibility. So work he does in response to the pressures he finds himself faced with, under the constraints, and within the limitations that define his existence.

Whatever manifests in man’s character, behaviour and realm of existence is as the result of his work that starts with his mental and ends with his physical processes.

When assessing the plight of modern man then, despite what appear to be the indicators of extreme socio – technological advancement, we must do so in light of his psychological state. Forced to summarise this said state with a single word, mine would be ‘trauma’, a simmering, palpable condition veering between mild and fully blown outbursts in the majority of people at varying points on the average day.

Problem: this is the being, individually and collectively who we depend upon to fix, mend support, maintain and more worryingly, power, drive and steer our micro thru macro social infrastructure.

Not to dwell on the negatives. I believe that with the realignment of cultural emphasis towards a people centric model, along with correct (re)configuration and management of the elements present within our existing socio-economic construct we would find ourselves in if not a Utopia, then a substantially more humane reality. Subsequent upgrades could be achieved through a combination of continued integration of the appropriate technical components, and wide scale adherence to the associated cultural protocols the new social paradigm required for its sustenance.

Economic success stories provide a very clear example of what I term the ‘capitalist principle’. Note I said capitalist not to be confused with or used in place of capitalism. Before I explain what I mean by capitalist I should make it clear that I have made the conscious choice to avoid using terms that end in ism. The reason being wherever I see the ‘ism’ suffix used it denotes a mode of thinking and behaviour that serves to divide a wedge between that movement’s adherents and the rest of society. With there being undeniable evidence that the many isms to afflict society during the 20th century and that still so adversely impact it today, were so devised and strategically introduced for the very purpose of creating schisms in the sociological fabric where it was clear there was the potential for if not overturning then attainment of sufficient leverage to dictate the terms of the status quo.

The capitalist principle emanates from universal law, it is the metaphysical principle that brings about the emergence of stars or suns from cosmic star nurseries (or more appropriately wombs) in astronomical parlance referred to as nebula; which sees the emergence of all forms of life and underlies every example of matter – including the unique arrangements of its biological cellular form that go to constitute the human being – coalescing to arrive at a distinct composite that in and of itself is identifiable due to its idiosyncratic features. In fact it is the amassing of elements of sufficiently similar vibrational resonance that acting in unison they are able to exist as what appears to be a single organism. Where this phenomenon occurs on the plane of human affairs we see the accrual of wealth, excellence, power, status, strength, force, beauty and progress.

Likewise the principle applies in ways and to the same degree around factors that most would construe to be deeply harmful, negative, corrosive of any and everything it so impacted. We along with the entirety of the world we inhabit and understand are in every facet the net result of this principle in the infinite dance of its negative and positive forces.

We can see this principle at work in the world of wine where the crut specific to a region or year and very often a season results in a wine of such quality that it cannot be matched and as such is able to command a price far above that paid for wines whose crut elements are more commonly attained or subject to less intensely specific accrual of the contributing factors that go towards creation of the outstanding harvest.

It is also underpins the success of what I term economic powerhouses, single industry enterprise zones such as San Francisco and its neighbour Silicon Valley which have over a 40 year period emerged as the foremost (by number and impact) global agglomeration of enterprise centric technical sciences, skills, innovations and related activities, and in so being attract a substantial portion of the world’s fiscal investment (Venture Capital) towards the type of ventures that emanate from that zone.

Subject to and operating under precisely the same principle Nokia achieved the feat of becoming the single biggest creator of millionaires in Sweden and global corporate history, from a single company, it having attracted a critical mass of the finest technical talent to work on its wide array of consumer products and mobile communications services.

I highlight this principle firstly to bring it to the awareness of those reading this article that it is indeed a principle that emanates from natural law and to distinguish it from capitalism which it could easily be confused with especially since the subject matter I am chiefly concerned with overlaps with the sphere of fiscal capitalism to a substantial degree.

I also believe that where correctly utilised and applied it is the principle that will see the most rapid and beneficial changes to our societies, increases in human consciousness and shifts in what constitutes the norm in our behaviour and expectancy from life. As such I intend to incorporate it into the operations of my own company and leverage it to realise as much value as possible from the things we do with and on behalf of others and the products and services we sell.

So what of the engine referred to in the title of this piece? Well the best part of this article so far has actually been dedicated to just that. Or to be more precise the component that makes up a substantial portion of the working parts and provides the single source of fuel for the intended model. Have you guessed what it is?

Impatience gnawing away at you? Rest assured you are not alone because I for one as engineer1, chief instigator of the e2 movement, entrepreneur and member of the public faced with precisely the same issues as you and everyone else on a day to day am as keen, if not keener than most to witness and benefit from the changes I intend to bring about through the realisation of this venture.

By the way, (as I have) taking the perspective of a customer for a product or service you intend to introduce to the market place, is a highly effective way of validating the idea. Simply by asking yourself “would I buy that?”, followed by; “why?” and “what would I like for it to do by way of solving a problem?”, and thereafter “how would I like for it to be delivered for an optimum experience?”, goes along way to ascertaining the relevance and viability of a thing while still at the conceptual stage. In which instance you essentially serving as customer number one.

As Ive thought about the engine, in its various aspects, purpose and functional objectives Ive had many a reason to pause for thought. Among the first crashing realisations was that on the whole people do not give a flying fuck about my new idea regardless of whether it is intended to bring about transformational social and economic change or not.

This lead me to the realisation that basing my communications around the social change message and benefits is all but pointless, and in many respects may actually harm our prospects. As I thought about it further I found myself conducting an internal audit during which I was confronted with the unvarnished truth about my own behaviour around issues related to consumption and consumer choices. What I found was that I am a conscientious consumer, as long as my purchasing in this area hits targets on some other fundamental factors. These being: stress free, ease of use, elegance, affordability and chief among them convenience. I will not compromise on the above. In my opinion any product or service that fails in any or all of the above must be classified as having failed, for the singular reason that its presence in the market is not consistent with provision of best possible service to the paying customer.

Irrespective of what the stated social or environmental impact aims of any product or service may be, and likewise the stated intention of well wishing supporters, they soon run aground if they do not incorporate and adhere to these tried and tested principles for achieving success in niche thru mass market consumer purchasing channels.

Conversely something that must not only be factored in but remain atop one’s mind when considering introducing or effecting anything in the realm of human affairs, it being the viability of your answer to the perennial question, laid down in law, within the ancient genetic code that governs the processes of our reptile brain, and by dint of such must be asked: “what is in it for me”?

The human component of ‘the engine’ being so substantial it does one (me) well to have not only a ready answer to hand but a bloody good one too. In this instance, as a result of the aforementioned audit it is the answer that I would wish to hear in respect to that question in relation to this….err…engine.

So I can almost hear your mind whirring away, and if not screaming out loud you’re certainly giving more than a passing thought as to “what is this bloody engine he keeps harking on about?” Well, as attested to above I am not only equipped but also pleased to answer you.

e2 engine animation concept visualAn engine functions by utilising its fuel source for a desired output. I have made it mine and my company e2 Advisory’s sole focus and mission driven intention to in every way possible design systems, apply principles, utilise models and create dynamics whereby every facet of what we do with respect to our products and service, across our various media, collaborations, strategic partnerships and in implementation of our core product (the said engine) that our contribution to the economies in which we have a presence and achieve the desired impact is so constituted to see us perform the function of being an engine, an enterprise engine!

Interesting, you very well may hear yourself thinking, as the partial revelation reverberates about your consciousness. In quick succession you find yourself asking questions along the lines of “how does it work?” and “what does it do exactly?” and “what is the mysterious fuel that it runs on?” Further contemplation finds you questioning its practical real world applications and value, an avenue of enquiry which leads to the inevitable question “what does it do for me”?

It works by receiving inputs and delivering outputs. What it does is to process the inputs to optimise their value to both the persons providing the inputs and the parties who receive the outputs. The fuel that powers its operations is not the digital technology, nor is it the people who administer its daily operations, and certainly not me in any singular capacity…..the fuel that powers the enterprise engine dear reader is YOU!

The reason I believe it to be transformational on a macro social level is because it is conceptualised and designed to operate in accordance with a principle, it being; that every individual is infinitely unique, a source of unlimited potential (whether tapped or untapped), an outlet of never ending energy, and as such are the creator and holder of immense value in anyway one wishes to quantify it. That value, at present, for the most part lying latent, once aligned with a mechanism to see it realised will result in the said transformation. Viewed through the lense of the market this represents nothing less than a revolution.

London LiteIt’s late afternoon 2010 Im sat on a carriage on The Victoria Line northbound having embarked at Pimlico after visit to Tate Britain. There’s a bit of wait before the train leaves. All around the carriage lie copies of a free newspaper. The London Lite as it was called, was to my mind a first rate example of how to meet and fill customer needs in a niche area. The said niche that The London Lite filled pre Kindle and iPad, was to alleviate the tedium of the rush hour commute for the millions who rely upon the London Underground to return them home every evening. It was everywhere and everyone who came across a copy splayed out across the seats they were to occupy was to be seen head buried in its sheets.

Very successful enterprises tend to do one thing exceptionally well. Having identified a slither of human behaviour requiring a solution they meet that need and never need to expand beyond it to survive and thrive having cultivated the loyalty of their customers through their ability provide a service that matches the needs of said customers.

Extremely successful companies are fortunate enough to have identified a customer need that applies to wide and varied segments of the population, seeing their customer base, revenue and profitability scale to a far grater degree than the average. The two that immediately come to mind are Facebook and Amazon.

Above I explained the reason why I believed the service we are in the process of building – and make no mistake dear reader the we I refer to includes you – has the capacity to transform, the reason being it too by default of its distinguishing characteristic is being designed to meet the need of a wide segment of the target population who constitute its customer base.

Regardless of our stage, place or circumstances in life few are those who can honestly say they would not be grateful for additional fiscal resource. What I and any other observer astute or otherwise would ascertain is that this is the most widespread and perennial of all the needs, not only affecting but for many serving as an affliction in the way they live in and view the world.

If there is one factor signalling the illusory nature of the so-called progress society has made during the last few decades it is in the arena of commerce, which more than any other, appears at least to shape our existence in the social realm.

There is nothing more astounding than the degree of ignorance across pretty much every sphere of society as to the principles that apply in the consumer market place (but in a general sense also) regarding factors such as what constitutes value, why or how to imbue a product or service with it, how to increase it; the fundamentals of wealth, how it can be defined, is or can initially be created and thereafter accrued. This of course extends to how most people relate to and operate around money.

It is of course no accident that this ignorance and associated state of affairs prevails around the subject that sits so immovable at the centre of our lives. It being the principle weapon in the armoury of the ruling elites which once wielded ensures with alarming predictability and more than any other guarantees the silent acquiescence of the masses who through intergenerational conditioning and abject ignorance of its governing tenets have bought wholeheartedly into it as the irrevocable truth. If you haven’t got the £100 to take yourself and your son to watch The Arsenal you haven’t got it, and no one else is to blame, and the last thing you are going to do is make a song and dance and tell the world about the self inflicted state of penury you labour under.

Such are the nature of the fears and that govern the lives of the millions, cause irreparable damage within the social fabric and see not only the natural law of capitalist accrual systemically corrupted to the point of reversal, but any attempts to instil it on a cultural level viewed with suspicion and in many quarters vehemently fought.

Statement_4My role as an entrepreneur is to ascertain need among existing and or prospective customers and thereafter design and provide products and or services that match or ‘fit’, as is the present day vernacular, those needs. In light of this, when analysing this facet of daily life I have identified the need for the individual to be availed of a means by which to maximise their innate value within the commercial market place and thereby generate additional income.

All the components required exist and in the case of that most required abundantly so. Its just as simple matter of reconfiguration and then communicating the benefits and its availability to those who would be inclined to make use of it.

You may be asking yourself something akin to “so subsequent to the introduction of the enterprise engine what would the new reality look like exactly”? My answer would have to be “I cant exactly say”. If however I state what my intention is in this respect it might serve to provide clarity on the impact it will make.

As Ive stated before I see every individual as exactly that individual. Each individual by dint of their individualism has thereby a value in the market place, wherein their said value has as a component of its totality a commercial price that may be realised by way of fiscal remuneration through transactions wherein parties whose perspective on the individuals value sees them willing to pay to acquire the means to realise for their own benefit the value that the individual represents to them in that instance.

The scenario described above is my intended outcome from introduction of the enterprise engine. In essence it sees every person as an enterprise, and moreover each person viewing themselves as such, and in so doing subscribing to the notion of being ‘enterprising’, in as far as their capacity to both represent and deliver value, and as a result receive compensation in line with that value, for no other reason than being who and what they are, and without any requirement to be anything other than that!

We are building a socio-economic innovations advisory business based upon these e2 protocols. This sees us providing an integrated multi application tool (the enterprise engine) learning content (webinars) and enterprise development blueprint (literature),all of which have or are being designed with the intention of enabling:-

(i) mass inclusion in the digitally enabled modern economy

(ii) local community management of macro and micro civic investment and infrastructure

(iii) development of regional enterprise ecosystems.

You can follow the progress of the e2 movement via Twitter at @e2engineer under the hashtags #Me2 #enterprisereconomy and #enterpriseculture. We also welcome your Likes and comments on /.

We have a number of opportunities to work with us for people seeking to gain experience, secure a job or build a business and who are motivated by our social impact objectives. These include:-

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