The Force Multiplier


When I first became familiarised with the term ‘the force multiplier’ there was an immediate means by which the literal definition could be qualified with a tangible example. Both the literary source and example provider was the cultural icon Tim Ferriss. He used it to describe the multiplication of impact (social influence, awareness, fiscal) ‘force’ unleashed from the simple act of publishing articles on his blog.

Being design orientated, and both an avid proponent and adherent of automation in and around his enterprise and lifestyle related activities, he has designed his digital and offline presence around touch points which are ignited by the content emanating from his blog, and which serve as an asset base which by publishing blog articles or other digital content yield returns in one or other shape or form, either fiscally or through their capacity to residually promote him and his activities.

Having been made aware and being able to observe the phenomena at work, it is possible to how each of Tim Ferriss’ article results in the following by way of impact:-

  • creation of a digital asset which can be continually recycled for promotion and monetisation purposes;
  • direct communication with his audience in the comments section beneath each article;
  • audience growth which occurs through readers sharing content with social connects;
  • curation of a crowd sourced knowledge library on the particular subject that is covered in each article;
  • blog content can be re-utilised for later inclusion in digital and other products or services;
  • monetisation of readership through affiliate links in and around article content;
  • monetisation of audio content resulting from the provable metrics, size and proven responses of the readership;
  • trackable activity in and around internet and offline world specific to blog content subject matter signals to prospective commercial and social capital partners the merit in supporting him.

Having previously described the value I place on the principle of leverage I was able to identify it as being the key factor inherent within the force multiplier effect that characterises Tim Ferriss’ market presence and strategy. Inspired I determined that by way of purpose, presence, operations, products and services this factor must be integral to everything e2 is and does. Thus said e2 is a force multiplier and employs the force multiplier effect in its actions and activities towards driving the socio-cultural and economic progress that constitute its mission.

A critical factor when applying the force multiplier principle is the impact feedback loop. In practice the initial force is applied via our social presence (includes content) where the strategy is designed to provide value for others first, promote third party enterprises, alongside opportunities for co-creation of commercial enterprises with ourselves. In this respect placing emphasis on collaboration, two way interaction and mutual benefit with our audience is the guarantor of our force being multiplied.

e2 Principles Involve The Whole Community White Final

The second stage in our impact loop is our social commentary and engagement which drives interested parties to the digital platforms (this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) where we promote and discuss our offerings. An instance of this is our YouTube channel which features content dedicated to fulfilling the aforementioned dynamic enterprise creation and promotion function.

Pursuant to our central mission, enterprise development focus, the scaling of our communication capacity and extension of our product/service sales platform, the e2 Podcast is being rolled out on a county by county basis providing local entrepreneurs with a blueprint for profitable operation of a regionally focused podcast. The e2 podcast not only multiplies but magnifies the impact force of e2’s reach.

e2PodcastLogoV9 (1)Our product suite and service delivery method draw upon collaborative methodology for compilation of enterprise blueprints and physical products on sale in our store, with the beneficiaries from the monetisation of these items being e2 and the parties who contribute resource to put the products together, and sell them to our customers.

The ultimate tool in our armoury, with which we aim to apply the force multiplier principle with greatest effect is the enterprise engine platform. This tool with its suite of integrated applications will ensure that each update, action and transaction made by an individual impacts the most relevant features or datasets within the platform enhancing their value in the process. In this way the enterprise engine through its use as a utility impacts the offline environment through the empowered individual.

Given the aforementioned components utilised by e2 in our force multiplying approach to attainment of our mission, it beggars the question; which of the actions among those employed by e2 equates to the singular act of instigating the force multiplying effect of Tim Ferriss’ publishing one of his blog articles?

The answer is in a feature not as yet divulged on the blog but clearly highlighted on the e2Foundation website’s blog interface. Can you see it? If you haven’t figured it out, its Emission, that feature advertised at the top right hand corner of the page. Emission is the e2 email newsletter, it serves as the information summary of all and everything in relation to e2, providing as its strap line promises, ‘outputs from the enterprise engine’.

e2 Foundation Panel 2Subscription to Emission ensures you never miss updates about the events we host and media content we publish, likewise the career and enterprise opportunities arising out of our activities, and the experiments you and our audience can participate in. Each time a new product, service of feature is available for sale it will be featured in Emission. Emission also serves as an aspect of our dynamic enterprise creation tool set and as such we shall use it to collate and share the research we undertake with you and our wider audience.

We are pulling out all the stops to ensure Emission is essential reading and an integral part of your vocation and enterprise tool set.

If you are interested in sponsoring Emission or becoming the owner of your county’s e2 Podcast please send an email to and we will forward details of the rates and terms to you.

To ensure you stay up to speed with e2 and the enterprise engine (a) click the tick box on the Emission panel, (b) scroll to the bottom of the panel (c) enter and submit your email.