The Imagineer

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He’s well adjusted” they would say, the assumption being they were out of earshot or beyond comprehension. The tone suggestive of either mild surprise or quietly complimentary. Always about, but never to. As time’s gone by Ive often revisited that phrase and though I grasp the literal meaning have often wondered as to the context or to be more precise in reference to what exactly they were using it.

What is certain is that whatever behaviour I may have been exhibiting to draw such a response, in complete contrast Ive always felt significantly at odds and out of synch with much of what has been presented and for many, appears at least, to constitute ‘the norm’. Indeed a big part of my life has been the search for the confluence of contributory elements that in aggregate serve to represent circumstances which I would deem normal. I must have lived a charmed life in a prior incarnation and be repaying the karmic debt for doing so in this one.

One must not complain however as the potential toxicity of this latent disaffection has been for the most part nullified by what I now consider to be the greatest gift nature can bestow on her children, that of a fertile and active imagination combined with the inclination and drive to materially manifest that which emanates from it. But to what use have you put it? I hear you ask.

We are building a socio-economic innovation advisory business based upon these e2 protocols. This sees us providing an integrated multi application tool (the enterprise engine) learning content (webinars) and enterprise development blueprint (literature),all of which have or are being designed with the intention of enabling (i)mass inclusion in the digitally enabled modern economy (ii) local community management of macro and micro civic investment and infrastructure (iii) development of regional enterprise ecosystems.

You can follow the progress of the e2 movement via Twitter at @e2engineer under the hashtags #Me2 #enterprisereconomy and #enterpriseculture. We also welcome your Likes and comments on /.

We have a number of opportunities to work with us for people seeking to gain experience and who motivated by our social impact objectives. These include:

(1) digital database development

(2) research and data management

(3) graphic arts

(4) video editing and videography.

(5) regional podcasters

If any of these opportunities are of interest to you send an email to titled ‘e2 opportunities enquiry’.